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2014 Sculpture Show Winners

Internationally known artist Maria Michaelson of Friday Harbor, Washington, selected this year’s winners. Her comments about the pieces can be found below.

Best in Show

“Salisbury Foursome”

Robert Winkler – Asheville, NC

“The pieces are large enough to make an impact in the space and show well against the background of varied plant colors and textures. Even the bright colors work in this somewhat industrial setting. If any sculpture should be red, that one should be. The form of each piece is surprisingly effective, changing when viewed from different directions, but still creating a strong line in space.”

2nd Place

“Faun Dance”

Harry McDaniel – Asheville, NC

“This piece is beautiful and well put-together. The subtlety of the bronze tone is well suited to the form, enticing the viewer to walk around it. It works so well behind the F&M Trolley Barn that it would be a great piece to keep in that location.”

3rd Place

“Jacob’s Ladder”

Paris Alexander – Raleigh, NC

“This artist demonstrated great skill in assembling the three different stone materials in the piece, following through to the marble base with the high-level of craftsmanship. The piece shows compelling use of negative space, inviting the viewer to look through the portal and view from both sides.”

Honorable Mention

  • “Zig Zag Boogie Woogie” by Bill Wood, Fairfax, VA. – “Zag Zag Boogie Woogie” captures your interest more than you would expect, especially as you walk around it and appreciate how it relates to the ground plane. Michaelson said she was surprised when she read the artist’s statement on the piece in the brochure after she saw it and found it fit exactly how she felt about it.
  • “Swooping” by Doug Makemson, Commerce, GA. – Michaelson liked the size and setting of “Swooping” and how the bird gazes down, as well as the effective use of found materials.

About the judge: Maria Michaelson

Selecting the winners for Salisbury’s annual sculpture show was a natural segue for an artist with diverse experience in sculpting the three-dimensional form. Unlike previous judges who have focused heavily on composition, Michaelson was keenly sensitive to the suitability of the materials in the piece as well as the integrity of artistic technique and craftsmanship in the assembly. She also considered emotional response to the piece, asking whether it seemed relatable to residents in a small city.

Michaelson holds a degree in Community Arts from California College of the Arts in Davis California.

Her teaching and artist residencies have taken her from her home in northwest Washington State to remote West African villages where she collaborated with local artisans on a variety of artwork. A selection of her sculptures is currently on exhibit at the Waterworks Visual Arts Center in Salisbury.

This is the sixth consecutive year that Salisbury has hosted the show. The thirteen pieces in the show will remain in place until early January. Brochures are available at the Visitor’s Center, Rowan Museum, Waterworks Visual Arts Center, and other downtown locations. The 2015 show is scheduled for late March.

Maria Michaelson